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"The will to survive is not as important as the will to prevail ... the answer to criminal aggression is retaliation."

Self-Defense Basic

This course introduces you to self-defense. Instructors will begin to build a foundation for your self-defense training. During this course you learn:

  • How to Stop a Punch

  • How to Stop a Knife

  • Takedown’s / Escape

This course comes with a money-back guarantee: We guarantee you can stop a full force knife attack by the end of this course, or we will offer you a refund/retake of the course at no cost.

Length: 2 Hours               Cost: $75.00 Public / $150.00 Private

Self-Defense Intermediate

This course drops you right into the realm of a violent encounter. Through practical application training and full-force attack drills you learn:

  • Punch - Explosion Drills

  • Knife - Explosion Drills

  • Weapon Elimination Stress Inoculation

Length: 4 Hours               Cost: $150.00 Public / $200.00 Private

Self-Defense Advanced

Now you can hone your skills, add the final touch to your tactics and gain the tactical advantage. During this course you learn:

  • Handling Multiple Attackers

  • Weapons (Edged)

  • Levels of Lethality

  • Threat Elimination

Length: 6 Hours               Cost: $225.00 Public / $300.00 Private

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