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We begin each course with a survey asking for every student's goals; and if there are any questions. At the end of the course students will fill out another survey listing: what he or she achieved during training, points of the course they found particularly helpful, and any suggestions on how we can improve. Our Instructors gather and review every survey for every course to identify ways to improve course curriculum and delivery; and also to identify ways we can improve individually and as a team. Our clients make our jobs rewarding; and we constantly strive to ensure every student enjoys a safe, meaningful training experience.
Here is what others are saying:

“The training was practical and confidence building. The Instructors were highly qualified and the class taught usable skills. I would recommend this course to anyone!!”

Cassie B., West Point, Utah

"I like that the Instructors weren't a bunch of macho guys who just wanted to show off. They were very approachable, and even fun with how they taught and interacted with all of us. If you're intimidated about doing gun training, TAG is the place to be!

Kristina L., Salt Lake City, Utah

“Very nice and informational. I learned a lot and I liked how the Instructors demonstrated with the students as well. Thank you!!”

Alisha B., Ogden, Utah

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