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Columbine High School. Umpqua Community College. Century 16 Movie Theatre. Fort Hood Military Base. Trolley Square Shopping Center. Inland Regional Center. Planned Parenthood. US Navy & Marine Corps Recruiting Center. Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.'


All these places have one thing in common: They are all locations of mass shootings in the United States. Unfortunately, the reality that we must face is that mass shootings are becoming more and more common and the chances of becoming a victim are increasing every day.


Surviving The Active Shooter will teach you how to respond to an active shooting incident. Do you run? Do you hide? Or do you fight? Surviving the Active Shooter empowers you to know how to respond effectively, take the appropriate action and enable the survival of you and those around you.


*Discounted rates available for groups of 50 or more.

Surviving the Active Shooter

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